Friday, April 25, 2008

Kolokium Pemimpin Kelab Pencegahan Jenayah Peringkat Kebangsaan 2008

Just returning home from Kedah. I was all wrong this whole time. I thought the kolokium will be running like a camping event, but no wonder its much more cooler and also better than that.

I was representing Hulu Langat district for the event with another guy called Yap from SMK Jalan Reko. There were 20 representatives from other district. But it came out to be only 19 of us when another guy from Gombak couldnt showed up at the last minute. My first friend was Kirtigha, from Gombak. She's pretty and she speaks fluent english all the time, but couldnt speak in Bahasa Melayu. She found it hard to order things when we dropped by A RNR.

Reached Cinta Sayang Golf and Country Resort at 3 p.m. Most of the representatives from nationwide had already there except for Johorians. We went off to a counter, to register and to get out room's keys. My roommates were Kak Hanis a form five representative from Sabak Bernam district, Syuhada, SG Buloh and Kirtigha from Gombak. Our room was 909 and besides us was my friends' room too, (Selangor's contigent), they are Myra, Jee Hui from Klang, Hui Xin from Subang, Subiha from, Ulu Bernam and another girl Kanchana from Sabak Bernam was in another room.

Greatly within 3 days there, we are like close clads. I like kak Hanis damn much, she's soo cool. She is the prettiest and she got so many admirers. But she ignored them, haha, Besides, the best part was when she's laughing. She laughed like a banshee for sure, we were all afraid. Syuhada is so quite and soft. Thin and tall. Kirtigha, Indian, always worried about her hair and look. Myra, is a cindian. Pretty, long hair, with spectacles and smart. Jee Hui, is so much alike CHIAM. A form five girl, studying in Convent Klang. Hui Xin is our Kak Lilian (the one in Puteri Sitcom). She is a loaded person and cute. Subiha is our tomboy, with a weird haircut, and also weird way of walking. She's damn funny. Kanchana, well dont know much bout her lol.

What are exactly the kolokium all about?
>the way how to prevent crime at school
>activities that we can do at school in iniative to prevent crime
>who we can contact
>how to be a good leader.
>how to act if we see crimes.

We had been served with hotel food. Man, delicious....
The 4 days we spent in hotel were so much fun.....